May 31
Apple Campus 2

Apple Campus 2!

You may remember from last week’s Blog that we had a drive by the new Apple building, commonly known as Apple Campus 2, during our trip to California.

We managed to catch a sneak peek through the gates at the construction work being carried out, cranes carefully formulating the awe-inspiring building, soon to be home to 13,000 Apple employees.

The 176-acre site (or if you measure in feet, that’s a whopping 2.8 million square of them!) will be the foundation for a 4-storey research facility. All the walls will be made of glass allowing staff to look out onto the beautiful landscaping planned to surround them. In fact, not only will the landscape be beautiful, we take our hat off to them for their environmentally friendly approach to the whole development.

The new Apple Campus will be aimed at being self-sufficient, with plans to use alternative energy to power the campus and a pledge to use 100% renewable energy at its facilities, including recycled water. Apple also revealed plans that state that the whole project can be completed without any dirt having to be removed from the area. There will be solar panels all around the top of the building, 7000 trees will be scattered all over the site and the landscaping will make the whole 176-acre site look like a giant park, so much so it will include walking trails and jogging paths!

The Apple Vice President, Lisa Jackson, stated that 80% of the site will be ‘green space’ and that the building will forgo air conditioning or heating for 75% of the year due to natural ventilation.

It has also been revealed that a significant segment of the building will be a restaurant which will open up to the landscape, and as the car park will be underneath the building, there will be no cars to spoil the view.

If that wasn’t enough the main building will feature a fitness centre, 1000 bikes will be available on-site for staff to use around the campus and a 1000-seat underground auditorium (perfect for presentations) will avoid the need to travel to San Francisco in the future.

So, with estimations of a 2017 opening, this exciting project remains to be seen in its full glory but we sure bet it’s going to be a big talking point for quite some time to come!

Whilst we were in the area, we thought it would be rude not to stop by Steve Jobs’ old house… Cupertino, we love you!

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