May 25
Apple Store San Francisco Union Square

Apple Store San Francisco Union Square

It was an incredibly exciting moment this week when my husband and I were able to visit the newly opened Apple Flagship Store in Union Square, San Francisco. The opening of this grand store marks the 15 year anniversary of Apple’s first 2 store openings.

The first thing that hits you is the sheer size of the building, not shying away from attention, the enormous glass fronted design sits proudly on the square, boasting 2 levels of scrumptious Apple temptation. The stunning sliding doors at the front of the building are also made of glass and measure a whopping 42 feet tall! 

Entering on street level, you’ll find the usual goods; MacBooks, iPhones, Watches and iMacs and at either side of the store there are the signature glass staircases leading you up to level 2.

Level 2 is where the impressive 6K screen is showcased, the cool seating area below collects emersed members of the general public. At the rear of the giant screen you’ll find the collection of Apple accessories including chargers, Apple TVs and headphones as well as numerous indoor trees! The next striking feature is the new Apple ‘Plaza’. The Plaza offers seating for up to 200 people, it’s an open air space featuring a working fountain, lots more trees as well as the promise of fortnightly acoustic performances from local bands.

This store’s main focus is not necessarily to sell merchandise but to offer the general public and local workers help, assistance and guidance in using the Apple brand. 

The staff are as helpful as ever and if all new Apple Stores are to follow the same concept we’re hoping they’ll open a few more stores in the UK very soon!

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