Jul 12
Let Us Help You Boost Your Business

Let Us Help you Boost Your Business!

It doesn’t matter how many ‘likes’ you have on Facebook or how many emails you send out to potential customers there’s nothing like being in front of people to really sell your brand.

With this is mind, we’ve put together a few points to consider the next time you’ve got a promotional event to ensure you’re selling your business the best way you possibly can.

Firstly, consider your objective. Are you wanting to engage with potential customers by data capture whilst at the event? Are you looking to make a certain amount of sales on that particular day? Are you trying to raise brand awareness? By knowing exactly what your objective is, you can approach the event in the best way possible.

Who is your target audience? It’s a vitally important point to be aware of, and ensuring that your branding material is attractive to your prospective audience should help in bringing the right people to your stand. Think about the age group of the audience that you want to appeal to, consider how that age group like to communicate etc so for example, if you’re targeting young people maybe think about data capture through technology.

How much space do you have? How can you best utilise the space that you have been provided? Think about what exhibition material will be best suited to the space? Roller Banners don’t take up much room but create a strong visual impact. Don’t forget to keep the space you have clean and tidy to ensure a positive first impression.

Spend wisely! We understand that nobody has an unlimited budget and therefore getting the right promotional materials is vital to avoid wasted money. Again, think about your intended audience, what sort of marketing material would appeal to them? A pen is a great advertising tool and something that people will use often and carry with them, they’re not too expensive either and your marketing will be seen with every use.

Don’t forget yourself! Lastly, you are the best marketing material for your brand. You can have all the promotional material you like but if you’re not making yourself seen and heard then it’s all a waste of time. Consider how you can engage with people at the exhibition, we appreciate that not everybody is naturally talkative but if you love your business your passion will shine through and people will naturally engage with you.

So, with all that in mind your next exhibition should be a great success!

If in the meantime you’d like a chat about how best to market your band, we will happily sit down with you over a coffee and help you with some ideas. We are also happy to quote you on any marketing materials you may need email enquiries@highheelcreative.co.uk. We’re competitive, reliable and have quick turnaround times too. Visit our print portfolio to see some of our recent work.

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