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What Makes a Website Great

What Makes A Website Great?

We’re not into teaching grandma to suck eggs so here’s our super quick guide to what makes a website great!

Consider Your AudienceWhen we sit down with customers we like to encourage them to consider their target audience. Who exactly do they want to attract to their website and what is the aim once their customers have found their website. We will explain the importance of content strategy which outlines consideration of who they want their site to reach as well as what their interests and needs are. We will also ask how can this website differ from their competitors to offer that ‘little bit more’…

Logos Matter! – A great logo is a must, a great logo will highlight your brand and will be included on everything from your website, your signage, your stationery and so much more.

Great Designs Deliver Great Results! – A carefully laid out website uses a clear, readable font, plenty of white space and a colour scheme that won’t give your customers a headache!  Ensure that navigation around the website is simple and easy to use and content that is most important should be easily found. Never fill your website with too much content, your audience can become overloaded with too much information and may even stop them from searching your website for the essential information they require.

Be Responsive & Mobile Friendly – With more and more people today visiting the internet via mobile phones and tablets, it’s imperative that your website responds to the device that it’s being viewed on. All the websites we build are responsive to the most popular types and devices, you wouldn’t catch us doing anything else!

Content is King! – Although it’s important not overload your website with information, it is important to have plenty of relevant content on all the pages of your website. We like to stress that absolutely everything on your website must directly benefit your target audience. The information has to be compelling and just as importantly, it must fit your  strategy. Don’t fill pages for the sake of it, you’ll lose customer interest and quite probably credibility too.

So, there you have it, a few tips for making a good website great. Don’t forget, there are over 1 billion websites worldwide so try to makes yours stand out from the crowd!

Why not chat to us and see if what we offer is what you’re looking for? We will listen to your requirements, get a full understanding of your business as well as assist you in looking after your website going forwards.

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